0.2ml PCR 8-Strip Tubes with Attached Cap


- Easy labelling on frosted flat cap

- Attached cap help avoid cross-contamination between different tubes

- Good for storage

- Thin Walled tube for best heat transfer

- Made of USP VI Polypropylene

- Free of DNase, RNase, DNA, PCR Inhibitor, ATP, Endotoxin. All products are ready to use in PCR

- Autoclavable

- Evaporation rate below 5%, no mineral oil needed

- Fit almost all thermal cycler

- Small package can avoid contamination by different researcher


- All items contain tubes and caps




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The Noavaran Teb Beynolmelal (NTB) is a joint stock company, it will offer life sciences research and laboratory requirements to the market, NTB has been established based on university professor's knowledge and experienced staff in importing and retailing laboratory apparatuses. This private knowledge-based firm, which is supported scientifically and financially, is honored to be different from its Iranian rivals due to annual and parallel study on manufacturers and sales.
We are totally committed towards providing the products and services that justifies the investment done in equipment and ensuring the reduction of breakdown and insuring low maintenance and reliability.