Brand: Cegrogen
Origin: Germany
Model: CY100-200 CY100-100 S0500-570 CY100-300 CY010-700 CY005-800




Our range of cytogenetic products includes media for cultivation of amniotic fluid and chorionic villi cells, peripheral blood lymphocytes as well as related reagents.

We understand that assuring the supply of your essential cytogenetic cell culture reagents is of utmost importance for maintaining excellent patient care. To meet these demands we have implemented advanced logistics and inventory systems for immediate delivery at any time.

The product portolio includes:

  • AmnioPlus Medium
  • LymphoPlus Medium
  • Lymphogen Serum-free complete Medium
  • MarrowPlus Medium
  • Colcemid
  • Phytohemagglutinin


Ordering Information

Category Cat# Product Volume Brochure


CY100-200 AmnioPlus, Complete Medium for Amnion and Chorionic Villi Cells 100 ml
CY100-100 LymphoPlus, Complete Medium for Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes 100 ml
S0500-570 Lymphogen, Serum-free Complete Medium for Lymphocytes with L-Glutamine 500 ml
CY100-300 MarrowPlus, Complete Medium for Bone Marrow Cells 100 ml
CY010-700 Colcemid (10 µg/ml) in DPBS (10x) 10 ml
CY005-800 Phytohemagglutinin (PHA-M) 5 ml