MicroPette Plus Pipettes:Single-Channel

Origin: China
Model: 01-2101 01-2104 01-2102 01-2110
Volume Range: 0.5-10μL;10-100 μL;20-200μL;100-1000μL



MicroPette Plus mechanical pipettes are the ideal adjustable volume pipettes for all of your basic pipetting needs; both single-channel and 8-channel types are available. They are calibrated in accordance with ISO 8655, and each pipette includes its own individual test certificate. MicroPette pipette stands are also available (sold separately).


  • Ergonomic design for comfortable extended use
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Fully mechanical function
  • Convenient one-handed operation
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain with included tool
  • Individual piston and tip cone assemblies allow for easy repair and maintenance
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Compatible with most standard pipette tips


Ordering Information

Cat# Volume Range (μL) Increment (μL)
01-2101 0.5-10 0.1
01-2104 10-100 1
01-2102 20-200 1
01-2110 100-1000 5