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Innovators of international medicine

About the innovators of international medicine

Noavarab Teb International Company (Special Shares) with short name (NTB) started its activity in 2012. The company’s activity started with the approach of supplying the consumer needs of medical diagnostic laboratories, and at the beginning of its activity, it mainly focused on the molecular, genetic and cellular sub-branches, and then expanded its activity to other needs of medical diagnostic and research laboratories.

The basic strategy and slogan of the company is healthy, fair and quality trade, and the company’s activity path and development plans are inspired by this basic strategy and are put into practice.

Continuous cooperation with more than a thousand private and government medical, laboratory and research centers shows the success of the company’s basic strategy.

After about ten years of successful business activity and the evaluation of the market needs, the shareholders of the company came to the conclusion that a significant part of the imported items are capable of being produced inside the country and started to establish a production plant under the name of the innovative production company. (Special shares) with the abbreviation (NTP). The company’s factory is located in Mamounieh industrial town, about 80 km from Tehran. This factory, in compliance with the full principles and standards of production of medical and health products in the country, carries out all its productions in a clean room environment and has a sterile unit with ethylene oxide gas. Also, all the company’s productions are carried out in the factory’s dedicated laboratory, the steps related to compliance with quality standards and quality control and IMED requirements and CE and ISO13485 standards.

The company’s factory started producing about 20 types of laboratory consumer products from the end of 1401, and by the end of 1402, the second phase of the factory, which includes the production of vacuum and non-vacuum blood collection tubes, will be put into operation. The production line of these products was purchased from South Korea in order to provide sufficient assurance of the quality of the manufactured products. This production line with a capacity of more than sixty million vials per year will be one of the advanced production lines of this product in Iran and the Middle East.

In addition to the above and in order to complete the existing product portfolio, we have also invested in a knowledge-based company that specializes in the production of coagulation and hematology reagents.

Some of the products of this knowledge-based company, such as PT and PTT and some other products, have been added to the company’s product portfolio since the beginning of 1402, and other knowledge-based products will also be gradually produced and introduced.

The company’s specialized approach, with special emphasis on quality product production, has promised to respond to respected domestic customers and has provided a suitable export perspective for the company.

Company goals

The strategic goals of the innovators group, which were announced by the company’s shareholders and define the basic strategies and macro policies of each group, are as follows:

Quality is the first and fundamental principle of the group.
Balanced development in line with market needs is constantly pursued.
Responding correctly and completely to the needs of customers is one of the duties of all members of the group.
Compliance with all necessary standards in health-oriented products cannot be ignored.
It is mandatory to use experienced and expert labor force.
Respecting the interests of the consumer guarantees the interests of the group and its associates.
The company’s approaches are always long-term and permanent. Short-term approaches are ignored.
Compliance with all laws and instructions related to the production and sales sector is emphasized.

Supporting new ideas

The group of innovators believes in the country’s internal capabilities and, accordingly, supports new ideas, production-oriented research and knowledge-based measures. In line with this basic policy, it is currently working with various groups. These collaborations help the industrialization of experimental research and the difficult and long path of research to the stage of experimental production and finally industrial production. Referring to investing in coagulation factors and rheumatology diagnostic kits.

Product groups

Navavaran Group companies currently operate in the following product groups. Product groups will increase along with the company’s development plans.

A) Group of consumer products and sampling

b) The group of blood collection tubes and needle heads

c) Group of hematology and coagulation products

d) rheumatology laboratory kits (in the trial production phase)

Services of medical innovators

NoAVARAN Teb International Company is a group with Novavar Production Dynamic Company and both companies are managed by the same shareholders.

The products of Novavaran Toudh Poya Company under the brand name (NTP) are exclusively distributed by Navavaran Teb International Company. The establishment of a 24-hour sterile unit in the company’s factory has made it possible to provide sterile services to applicants outside the company.

Also, due to the appropriate production capacity created in the factory, OBL production has been provided for other manufacturers and brand owners.