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Innovators of international medicine
“Production, import and distribution of consumable laboratory products in the fields of medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and research”

Navavaran Teb International Company (Special Shares) with short name (NTB) started its activity in 2012. The company’s activity started with the approach of supplying the consumer needs of medical diagnostic laboratories, and at the beginning of its activity, it mainly focused on the molecular, genetic and cellular sub-branches, and then expanded its activity to other needs of medical diagnostic and research laboratories.

The basic strategy and slogan of the company is healthy, fair and quality trade, and the company’s activity path and development plans are inspired by this basic strategy and are put into practice.

Continuous cooperation with more than a thousand private and government medical, laboratory and research centers shows the success of the company’s basic strategy.

Products Categorization

Consumer products

Sampling products

Coagulation and hematology

Molecular products

Cellular and genetics

Cryo consumption

Quality control

The quality control unit of the company was created from the combination of educated and expert colleagues along with experienced colleagues in the matter of quality control.

Technical support

All products supplied to the customer, in addition to having complete technical documentation and necessary standards, are supported by the technical support unit.

Distribution fleet

One of the main advantages of Novaran group is complete mastery of the process of visiting, selling and capillary distribution of goods.

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